Bubba Technology Group


Combining innovative game development skills with cutting-edge structural design and high-quality materials, Bubba Technologies Group has quickly become a leader in the electronic gaming industry. Though we’ve been manufacturing game cabinets for commercial use for less than five years, our 50-plus years of combined experience places us among the most knowledgeable and skilled in North America.

After making a name for ourselves by revolutionizing the fishing game experience and becoming the top distributor of fishing games in the nation, we expanded into a variety of new video game genres, giving our clients more variety in customer engagement and entertainment. Every year, more and more businesses trust us with their game room and waiting area entertainment needs.

Led by a team of video game enthusiasts who just happen to be exceptional digital game developers and electrical engineers, BTG has raised the bar for all video game cabinet manufacturers. We never compromise structural reliability by using mediocre materials, and we consistently work to avoid malfunction by only using high-quality parts such as high-gauge wiring and power supplies.

Discover the difference by contacting our client care team now. We promise personalized service at its highest level.